I Refused to Follow Family Health History

A Wellness Success Story: Rhonda Truesdale

After my pregnancy, I was determined to lose weight. My weight gain was causing some health issues and concerns. But especially knowing my family history of diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity, I was determined not to allow myself to go down this path. I wanted to pursue a healthier lifestyle. 

In the beginning, I didn’t know how to make healthier meals and my portion sizes were completely inconsistent. I also couldn’t maintain positive self-talk. But I’ve reached my attainable weight goal and even beyond, and now I’m maintaining my weight. My confidence has increased to a level that I thought that I could never have achieved alone. I now have a positive attitude toward life and I thrive each day to perform my daily workouts because this is a way for me to release life stresses.

Rhonda Truesdale

At Anschutz, I participate in a few of the group exercise classes and the instructors are great. The way they push me beyond my comfort level is challenging but gratifying at the same time. The encouraging atmosphere at the center, from the front desk to the trainers to the instructors, always lets me know that these are people who are passionate about health and wellness. That makes the difference and encourages me to keep pressing forward in my success.

If I could pass anything on to anyone considering the programs at Anschutz, just make sure to reach out to your circle of friends and family for strength and encouragement when discouraging moments occur. I know that I’ve come too far to return back, and anyone else can do the same. I am loving the “new” me!




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