I Don’t Want to Ever Let Go of My Newfound Energy

An Anschutz Success Story: Alisa Thomas

What was your personal “why” for committing to changes in your lifestyle?

Since having my twins 7 years ago, I hadn’t exercised at all. I was definitely feeling it, so it was time to make a change and commit to my health and my kids.

What has been your biggest challenge(s) along the way?

I was convinced I’d be the only person out of shape and unaware of how to use the equipment. So, simply walking into the Health and Wellness Center was a huge hurdle, let alone committing to making a change.

What do you consider your biggest personal victory?

In 10 short weeks, I’ve increased from struggling through 10 minutes of cardio per day to now enjoying 70 minutes per day. I now LOVE working out!*

In what ways have you been transformed, since joining the center?

I’ve literally transformed from head to toe, inside and out. I am so much stronger, and I have a lot more energy. I feel better, my heart rate’s down, and I’ve lost weight.

Alisa Thomas 1

How has the center helped you to be successful?

Instead of feeling embarrassed as I expected, I feel welcome and encouraged. My personal trainer is so positive and makes me laugh through my workouts, and that positivity helps me get so much more out of it. I love the people of Anschutz!

What are your personal keys to your success?

Consistency. I aim for being at the center six times per week. Also, variety helps me to be successful. With boredom comes slacking off. But with guidance, I’ve learned to change things up.

Tips others might learn from you?

Just walk through the door. From personal experience, I know this is a much bigger challenge that it seems. Find out what’s stopping your motivation and learn to work around it.

What is your motivation to continue on this new path you’ve started?

I don’t want to ever let go of my newfound energy. I know I can continue to gain strength and lose weight. And there are pieces of equipment that I still haven’t conquered. But I want to, and I will.

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*Individual results may vary.

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