Holiday Eating Tips

holiday_road_tripLet’s face it, most of us travel is some shape or form during the holidays. And traveling typically means eating out (namely fast food). We all know that skipping the fast food or gas station snacks is the healthiest option, but there are definitely ways to make these sometimes inevitable stops healthier!

The following are some tips for healthy eating on the go:

  • Plan ahead. Pack a cooler full of healthy snacks such as fruit, snackable veggies (such as carrots, sugar snap peas, and cherry tomatoes), beef jerky, low fat yogurts, nuts, and whole grain crackers.
  • Drink more water. Dehydration is a trigger for overeating. We tend to get out of our usual hydration routine when we travel, so bring your own water bottle and fill up often!
  • Plan your splurges. You are allowed to “cheat” at least once while on the road, but you will struggle to maintain your weight if you go off plan at every meal. Pick one or two meals as “cheat” meals, and stick to your game plan the rest of the trip.
  • Know where you’re going. Figure out which stops and restaurants are along the way before you ever head out to avoid stopping at fast-food burger joints every time you get hungry. Use apps like AroundME to locate the healthier restaurant chains along the way. And look up their menus and nutrition facts before ever stopping!

If you have to make the dreaded fast food stop, here are some tips to keep you on track:

  • Ditch the French fries and try sides such as sliced apples, low fat yogurt, fat free milk, side salad with low-fat dressing, or baked chips.
  • Ask for whole grain bread instead of white bread or white buns. Maybe even try skipping half of the bun or bread to save on calories.
  • Watch your sauces. “Special sauces” can pack the calories and fat, so either ditch the sauce all together or stick with sauces like mustard, salsa, or hot sauce.
  • Don’t always give chicken or fish the nutrition halo. If these meats are fried, they pack more fat and calories than beef! So stick with a single patty burger or grilled fish or chicken sandwiches.
  • Watch what you drink. A large regular soda has about 300 calories! Instead, order diet soda, water, unsweetened tea, or sparkling water.

For more fast food tips, watch Lauren Ott’s 9 News segment: