Healthy Resolutions that Stick

Wait, is it January already? Every New Year I see gyms fill to the brim and diet programs flooded with new participants. However, it never fails that by February or March, numbers dwindle back to pre-holiday participation and healthy diets have been ditched. This year, resolve to keep your commitments to health with these strategies.

Healthy Resolutions that Stick blog photoStart small.

Small changes do add up! Try using cooking spray instead of oil when cooking, or buy smaller plates and bowls. You’ll naturally consume less and it won’t feel like a daunting daily task.

Set realistic goals.

For people with a “normal” daily life (job, kids, etc.), ½-2 lbs of weight loss per week is great! Keep in mind that any loss is moving the right direction.

Plan for “life” to happen.

We all have unexpected circumstances. Plan for these events. This can include maintaining your weight for the time you are on vacation, but picking up where you left off immediately upon returning home.

Improve awareness.

Simply tracking your food intake and exercise has shown to improve results by increasing awareness of your current behaviors.

Build your support system.

Improving health requires diligence and continued commitment. Creating a supportive environment with family and friends will help make hard decisions easier. Find a workout or cooking buddy and support each other!

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