Start a Healthy Halloween Trend!

Healthy Halloween

With the “season of eating” just around the corner, now is a great time to establish a healthy Halloween trend with your family!

Help your kids learn the benefits of moderation.
Halloween is a great time to learn about and practice moderation, especially since Halloween kicks off the “season of eating,” with Thanksgiving and Christmas not too far away.  Talk to your child about spreading their treats out over a period of time and enjoying their personal favorites in moderation.

Learn how to spot healthy Halloween treats!
It’s easier than ever to find healthy Halloween treats, which will make kids happy while providing a nutritional benefit.  There are many kid-friendly treats that contain whole grains, extra vitamin C, 100-percent fruit juice and added fiber. This year, consider mixing up the candy bowl with new healthy bites in addition to the standard treats. All of these items are available in easy-to-distribute snack-size packages, too. Try:

• Fruit snacks made with 100-percent fruit with added vitamin C
• Sugar-free gum
• Animal-shaped graham crackers made without trans fat
• Mini rice cereal treat bars
• Cereal bars made with real fruit
• Individual fruit cups
• Mini 100-percent fruit juice boxes
• Low-fat pudding cups
• Baked, unsalted bags of pretzels
• Whole-grain cheddar flavored crackers

Read food labels to make informed choices.
Reading labels can help ensure your snacks are smart choices. For example, check to see that fruit snacks, cereal bars, and juice boxes are made with 100-percent real fruit; animal crackers are made without trans fats; and those cheddar crackers are made with whole grains. If possible, avoid snacks containing nuts so children with nut allergies don’t have an extra worry.

Not all treats have to be candy.
Other options for trick-or-treaters are non-food handouts, such as Halloween pencils, pens, stickers, tattoos and spider rings.

Halloween is a time for family fun and spooky celebrations. So, if you just can’t resist handing out candy, opt for bite-sized candies, and have fun!

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