From Recluse to Outgoing Family Man in 65 Pounds

A Weight Loss Success Story: Rob Moran

What was your personal “why” for committing to changes in your lifestyle?

One reason is obvious: my family. I want to be a better example for my daughters and I don’t want my appearance to affect them. I worry that they would be embarrassed by me, and I didn’t want my weight problem to be their social problem. Another reason was my health. At a sickly and injured 315 pounds, I was getting no sympathy from my doctors. I was tired of it. What made the difference this time is the help I received from Anschutz. After failing on my own so many times, I wanted to get scientific, solid guidance from people who make it their passion to help people like me. I decided that this was a place I could succeed.

What has been your biggest challenge(s) along the way?

Time! It takes years to get to 315 pounds and I want it all gone NOW! I’m determined to achieve my goals. But I’m impatient, so getting down to a maintenance weight in a year can be challenging. Oh, and I miss my comfort foods a lot, but that’s ok. I’ll eat my favorites again. But when I do, I’ll have a history of success behind me, so I won’t go back to old ways.

What do you consider your biggest personal victory?

Getting up at 4:15am on Tuesdays and Thursdays—rain, snow or shine—to go workout with my personal trainer. It might not sound like a hard thing to some, but for me to leave the comfort of my bed and stick with it as long as I have…I am amazed!

In what ways have you been transformed since joining the Center?

After losing 65 pounds, my physical transformation is obvious. But one thing I wasn’t counting on is how much more I enjoy my family time. I’m far less concerned about how I look while I’m out with them in public. Changing from a morbidly obese recluse to a family man without mental baggage is priceless.*

Rob Moran

How has the center helped you to be successful?

I enjoy training at Anschutz, and that makes this journey so much more enjoyable. The center is clean and cutting edge, which helps people like me with body issues feel so much more comfortable. But it’s the people of Anschutz that have truly been the biggest help. I really enjoy my time with my trainer and my dietitian. My trainer always motivates and educates me in the gym, and he pushes me without letting me go too far. My dietitian helped validate my nutritional needs, and she invested extra time in me to help “get my mind right” in order to maintain my new way of eating.

What are your personal keys to your success?

I quit lying to myself. After eating big meals and snacking, I’d tell myself that I would make up for it later. But later would come, and I’d never make up for it. Instead, I’d eat big meals and snack. I stopped this cycle. I now log my food. I account for all my daily calories, which keeps me grounded in reality. With the help of my dietitian, I know what healthy foods I should eat to stay at my calorie goal, and I eat to accomplish this goal.

Tips others might learn from you?

Instead of the typical “work out, eat right” recipe, here are some tips I’d like to offer:

  • First, correct your mindset to lose weight and change your life.
  • Get a trainer, a dietitian and a great place to workout…and set goals!
  • Use the Eating Well website for nutritional information and track your food.
  • Brush your teeth after your last meal for the night and go to bed early.
  • Get a personalized Bod Pod assessment at Anschutz.
  • Get your family on board to help, and open your mind to eating healthy food.
  • Pick up any active sport or class to do on a regular basis.
  • This is a lifestyle change, not a diet.

What is your motivation to continue on this new path you’ve started?

Experiencing how it feels to be motivated. This might not make sense, but it does to me because I wasn’t motivated at all before. I’m just kicking myself for not realizing it sooner. Success breeds success. I know I won’t let myself down. I can feel it.



*Individual results may vary.

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