The State of Slim program from The CU Anschutz Health and Wellness Center can help you lose the weight, and keep it off.*

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Lose The Weight

The average State of Slim participant loses 10% of their body weight in 16 weeks*, with some participants losing as much as 25%.* This is achieved through diet, exercise, and mindset changes.

Science-Based, Community Supported

Find Success With Support

The State of Slim community offers support through small group classes. You and 19 classmates will go on this journey together with support from a registered dietitian and each other every step of the way.

Keep The Weight Off

There’s a way to lose weight and there’s a way to keep it off, and State of Slim gives you both. The program guides you through a total body transformation and teaches you to build positive habits that will keep the weight off.

Supercharged, Super Data


Need extra motivation? Consider supercharging your State of Slim experience. Supercharging gets you direct access to Dr. Holly, co-author of State of Slim, and access to special events and programming before everyone else.


DEXA is the gold standard in body composition scans and the most accurate way to see the results of your weight loss journey. As a State of Slim participant, you’ll save 40% on our “Before and After” DEXA package.

Real Stories

Lizzie's Story*

“I feel more positive. I feel more confident. I feel like I don’t make any excuses anymore.”

John's Story*

“As a Type 1 Diabetic my insulin requirements have dropped dramatically. My blood sugars are in better control and more consistent.”

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Want to lose more weight or need help maintaining your weight loss? This new program offers coaching, structure, accountability and the State of Slim social connection.