Why Everyone Should Get a Functional Movement Screen

Have you been chasing the same fitness goals for years now, with no luck? Are you doing the same exercises every time you work out, but you’re not seeing any results? What about discomfort while performing daily activities like walking up the stairs or picking up a weighted object off the floor – ever experienced that? If you can relate to any of the above, we have good news for you.  A Functional Movement Screen, or the FMS, could help solve the mystery to these questions and catapult you closer to your goals.

So what is a Functional Movement Screen?

During a Functional Movement Screen a trainer will have you do seven fundamental movement patterns and will use the results to evaluate your quality of movement. That sounds great, but what exactly does that mean? Let’s break it down to how this screen can help you personally.

How can this screen benefit you?

Think about your body like a house.  If you are building a house, you cannot show up to the construction site on Day 1 and start painting the walls and hanging up pictures.  You must first build a strong foundation, followed by the walls, add the roof, and then details like paint color can be included.  Your body is the same. You must first build a strong foundation, before adding the details—things like progressing to more complex exercises or adding weight to movements. FMS ensures you have a strong foundation and are working smarter toward your goals, not harder.

How do I know if I have a strong foundation?

The Functional Movement Screen breaks down your movement patterns and allows one of our expert  fitness coaches to identify where there are limitations and imbalances in your body’s current foundation.  These limitations or imbalances often impede performance and can lead to an increase of injury. The FMS allows us to address these underlying weaknesses and prescribe ways to improve them.

Should I get a Functional Movement Screen?

Yes, yes, yes! Everyone should get a Functional Movement Screen done before heading into the Fitness Center . . . AND for the month of May, we are offering a complementary Functional Movement Screen to all our members. It only takes a few minutes, so REGISTER TODAY!