Fit in 15 – Cardio Crusher

Complete AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) during this 15-minute cardio-crusher workout. Get Fit in 15!

Sled Push on Curved Treadmill

Find the resistance level on the right and increase the resistance somewhere between 8 and 10. Place your hands on the front handlebars, tucking your shoulders under. Start marching and move to move that belt! March for 0.03 miles.

Slam Balls

In a standing position, hold a slam ball above your head. Use your whole body to throw the ball onto the ground. Meet the ball on the way down by lowering in a squat position and raising it back up. Make sure to exhale when slamming the ball and engage your core. Complete 15 squats.

Plank Jacks

Get into a plank position, with the shoulders over the wrists and the body in a straight line. Jump both legs out, greater than hip-width apart, and back together. Make sure to keep your hips as controlled as possible. You can also step one foot out at a time if needed. Complete 20 reps.

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