FIT Groups

fit group

FIT Groups (Functional Innovative Training Groups) are a great way to get the benefits of personal training and group fitness combined.

Will I fit in with a FIT Group?
We like to stick with what we are comfortable with. That’s why working out on your own can become a daunting process towards progress. If working out alone is more of a hassle than a hustle, you might want to consider adding a FIT Group to get the benefits of personal training and group fitness combined.

Looking for more personal attention?
FIT Groups provide a small group training atmosphere with plenty of one-on-one time with your trainer.  More personal attention can lead to more personal gains. Think better form and ability to progress to more advanced movements in a shorter amount of time.

Be a part of a group where you really fit in.
What’s better than a workout buddy? Multiple workout buddies! Training with a few other people creates a supportive and friendly environment, one that you look forward to being a part of. Camaraderie is inherent in a FIT Group as you all push through the workouts together. You share each other’s pain, challenges, successes and victories!

Need Accountability?
Joining a FIT Group provides you with a full accountability team. Not only do you have a set time with a trainer, you have a set time with your whole group. You wouldn’t leave a friend hanging on a lunch date – you shouldn’t bail on them for a workout either.

Pure Motivation
A group to cheer you on, an experienced leader to guide the way and the experience of engaging new workouts and exercises every week is the perfect combination to keep you motivated and moving! Banish boredom and monotony from your regular routines and get the results you want.

Ready to get FIT?
Learn more about how you can sign up for FIT Groups and personal training at AHWC!

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