Extreme Weight Loss: John & Dan, aka “Panda”

EWL Season 5 participants John and Panda before pictures

Extreme Weight Loss: John & Dan, aka “Panda”

  • Which will leave the show early?
  • Which will set an “Extreme Weight Loss” record for the most weight lost during boot camp at the CU Anschutz Health and Wellness Center?
  • John: Baltimore, MD
  • Former pro football player
  • Preparing to meet son he never knew he had
  • Panda: Grand Rapids, MI
  • Bullied growing up for his weight and being gay
  • Works as a camp counselor to help children who also feel like outcasts

Dr. Holly’s Insights:

Do you have a past of yo-yo dieting? Chances are, it’s not because of food or exercise… Most likely, you didn’t have a “WHY.” What’s a “why”? Your “why” is your internal motivation to lose weight. Without it, you’ll never keep your weight off long-term.

Having goals like fitting into a size 6 dress, losing weight for your high school reunion, getting healthy because someone else wants you to, etcetera, aren’t long-term “why’s”. They’re not bad reasons to lose weight, but ultimately, once you fit into your size 6 dress, or your high school reunion passes, or your family member is happy with your new transformation, your motivation will be gone. You need lasting motivation that’s internal. I call that your PERSONAL WHY. It’s deeper. Watch my video to find your “WHY”:

If you saw this week’s episode, it’s pretty clear that Panda found his “why” early on and John didn’t have a “why”. Despite all of the best weight loss resources in the US, from Chris Powell to the University of Colorado’s Anschutz Health and Wellness Center, John still couldn’t get motivated.

It wasn’t until all of those things left that John looked within himself, found his why, and ultimately lost the weight. This week, I’m challenging you find your WHY. Peel back the onion. You might have a few external “whys” (like a weight loss goal for your high school reunion) but I really want you to dig deep and find your personal “WHY.” And if you’re up for it, Go Public and share it on my Facebook page so we can all support you in it!

Extreme Weight Loss John and Panda after

If you’ve been searching for your deeper “why” and want the resources and support to help you dig deep both emotionally and physically, then check out Extreme Weight Loss: Destination Boot Camp. It’s designed from the principles used on the show Extreme Weight LossTM to help you experience your own extreme transformation.

If you applied for a DBC scholarship, we’ll be announcing the winners on Anschutz’s website and social media this week, so stay tuned!

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