Emily’s Motivation to Change

Each week, one of our trainers will give you a new workout. This helps ensure you vary your routine, try new things and steer clear of those plateaus!

Safety first!

These exercises are intended for healthy adults capable of safely performing the exercises demonstrated herein. Not all exercises may be appropriate for your current level of fitness. You understand there may be health risks associated with activities requiring physical exertion; as such, perform these exercises at your own risk. Consult your physician before starting any exercise program. Consult Fitness Center staff if you have questions regarding these or other appropriate exercises for your current fitness level.

Emily’s Motivation to Change

It’s your world. Change it.

Ever have a goal that you really wanted to accomplish, but found yourself not ending up where you’d hoped? Thought this time was the time for change, yet slowly drifted away from your initial intention? In these situations, one of the hardest questions to answer is why. What is keeping you where you are?

Often times, the answer to the “why” is “us”.  Not because we aren’t physically capable, but because our minds become our biggest barrier. Whether we’re content with where we are or not, the comfort of routine can keep us from moving forward.

This week, try something new. Get help. Expand your comfort zone. Have confidence in who you are! Be the creator of joy in your life. You deserve it!

Change it Up

  • Explore a new hike
  • Journal
  • Take a new fitness class
  • A healthy meal from the bistro – or better yet find a healthy recipe to cook for the family!
  • Grab a vegetable you’ve never heard of and figure out how to cook it

Ask for Help

We’re here to help; let us know how we can!

  • Tell a fitness specialist what your number one goal is and ask for tips on how to get there!
  • Make it a challenge to learn three things you did not know about wellness by asking us!

Venture outside of your comfort zone.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” – Neale Donald Walsch

What? It’s awfully easy to move through life in our comfort zone. Like I mentioned above, it provides just that – comfort. Whether we’re happy with where our comfort zone is or truly desiring some sort of change, staying in familiar territory delivers reassuring predictability. We know what to expect going into each day and usually know what the outcome will be.

The challenge?

  • Define your comfort zone. Where are those line drawn in your life?
  • Identify one thing on your bucket list you’ve not done because fear has held you back. Now…GO DO IT! Find a way to make it happen instead of letting excuses dictate all the reasons why not.
  • Share your experience with someone!
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