Do a little more for your family

However you define it, family is important. Are they the family you grew up in? The family you married into? Friends you’ve chosen as your family? Maybe even your 4-footed furry family? They all give us a sense of place and belonging. Take care of your family, and it will help you feel grounded and balanced in the coming year.

This year, do just little more to take care of your family with these quick tips.

Will You?

According to AARP, nearly two-thirds of Americans don’t have a will. Give yourself some peace of mind by creating your will using these free resources.

Turn It Off

Have a phone addiction? There’s an app for that! Try one of these apps that tracks your phone usage, blocks distracting apps and allows you to set daily limits. Instead of spending time on small screens alone, look up and around, and talk to your friends and family. If you’re into gaming and are just a bit too competitive to put your phone down, try our favorite tip: Everyone puts their phones in the middle of the table. First person to reach for/pick up their phone has consequences, either doing the dishes, paying the whole bill, etc.

Just Move It Move It

Make time to get active as a family. Enjoy an evening walk, bike ride or a fun game of family tag after dinner. Too dark in the evening? Try early morning walks with the dog, or races up and down the stairs with the kids.

Financial Planning

Start early and find a financial professional who can help you prepare for your family’s future. With a solid long term plan, you will have more flexible options for the short term.

Get Crafty!

Pick one night a month for family craft night. Allow the kids to pick the craft and let the mess begin! Make memories that you will cherish always. No kids around? Invite your friends over for a Bob Ross Painting Party!

Volunteer Together

Positively impact your community! Teach your kids the importance of giving back by volunteering as a family. Many organizations willl allow you to take on various tasks based on skill levels and interests, adding in some learning opportunities too.

Good, Clean Fun

It’s family cleaning day! Let everyone pick their favorite song, turn up the music and clean together as a family. Of course, the promise of a fun reward afterwards won’t hurt either.

Ready to do a little more?

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