Do a little more for your community

Being connected keeps us from feeling alone. What better way to feel connected than to get involved with your community? You can create a community in any way that works for you: the people in your neighborhood, or at your house of worship, or your coworkers, or anything else.

This year, do just little more to take care of your community with these quick tips.

Plant the Seeds

Helping out at your community garden will give you a sense of ownership while providing fresh, local produce for your community. Don’t have a garden in your community? Follow this guide to creating a community garden. You’ll be able to enjoy the benefit of building community, while also helping to feed those in need.

Twice as Nice

Volunteering feels like a great goal on the first day of the year, but life often gets in the way of grand plans. Rather than an insurmountable schedule, try a twice yearly volunteer day. Many projects can be accomplished in a block of time on two days that would be impossible to do in single hours spread out over time. Find volunteer opportunities near you that inspire your passion and allow you to help make a difference in your community!

You’re The Inspiration

Can you use your talents and skills to inspire others? What are your strengths? Consider mentoring a college student in your field, or volunteering on a committee for a local charity. Do you have a special skill, like quilting, web design, photography, candle-making, or playing a musical instrument? Consider hosting a free workshop at the library to teach others about your passion.

Green the Earth

Getting outside for fun and sports is one thing, but it’s also important to ensure that the world around us is safe, accessible, and available to all. Consider volunteering time for environmental causes in your area. What is an environmental cause that you are passionate about? Learn more about the programs in your community and get involved.

Visit a Senior

Assist the seniors in your neighborhood by helping with yard work, grocery shopping or lending your ear for some friendly conversation. Not only will you provide someone with much needed assistance and companionship, you might learn about some very interesting times in history.

Going to the Dogs (or cats!)

Calling all animal lovers! Your local animal shelter can use your help with dog walking, foster care, administrative assistance and more. Find opportunities for helping out by contacting local dog rescues and cat shelters.

We have a few of our favorites, but almost any organization needs support. You can often search on facebook for smaller groups that may need your skills.

Ready to do a little more?

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