Destination Boot Camp: So Much More than a Destination


Destination Boot Camp!! What an incredible destination, location and state of mind. And most importantly, what an amazing group of people!

Where do I start? Well, like many of you reading this, I was struggling. It doesn’t matter why I was struggling—we all have our “stuff”. My stuff led me to a pretty sad state. Too much food, too much drinking, too much self-pity. In this dark time, I learned about DBC and made a knee jerk decision to attend. It changed my attitude and my life.

But what makes this “destination” so different? It isn’t about Dr. Holly (although she is amazing), and it isn’t about Coach Peggy (who is dedicated to your success beyond measure). It isn’t about all the wonderful people that work at this facility and care so much about your success. These are all good reasons to go, but they aren’t why you’ll be glad you did.

What really makes this program different is that it’s about community. You’ll have teammates that become amazingly important in your life. People that you’ll sweat with, cry with and laugh with. People you’ll see virtually and will become buddies and text with on a regular bases. People that you’ll be completely honest with and who’ll be honest with you—without judgment. This is all part of Dr. Holly’s grand plan.

And you will lose weight. You’ll do homework (even when you don’t want to). You’ll share things about yourself and find out you’re not alone. If you do the work, you’ll be successful and your life will be forever changed.

A bit of advice:

  • Be prepared to sweat.
  • Be prepared to get uncomfortable.
  • Be prepared to cry.
  • Be prepared to be happier than you have ever been.

DBC is one of those things you have to experience because I don’t know that anyone can truly explain it otherwise. I believe everyone should come to a week of boot camp whether or not they have any weight to lose. It’ll simply make you a better person.