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What’s Happening in December

What’s Happening in December

December is a Time to Reflect

Ahhh, December. The days are shorter, the nights are colder, and it is the perfect time to curl up with a movie, a warm drink, a loved one or a pet, and just relax. This month we are offering you opportunities to think about what you might want out of this season and the upcoming new year. Interested in fitness changes? Wellness and mindset improvements? Maybe healthier approaches to eating? We can help with all that. Read on for more, and take our survey to let us know what you want to hear about from us in the new year!

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Happening This Month

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
PACE 5:30 pm
Dec 4 @ 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
Culinary Comforts Cooking Demo 5:30 pm
Culinary Comforts Cooking Demo
Dec 5 @ 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Free cooking demo from our professional dietitians! New recipes every month! September: Sweet Potato Bars October: Protein Pancakes November: Curried Chicken Salad with Ginger Turmeric Hot Cider December: Warm Greens & Candied Sweet Potatoes and…
Supercharged State of Slim with Dr. Holly 5:30 pm
Well-Being 360: Practical Mindfulness for Reducing Holiday Stress 5:30 pm
Well-Being 360: Practical Mindfulness for Reducing Holiday Stress
Dec 5 @ 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
Well-Being 360: Practical Mindfulness for Reducing Holiday Stress
This workshop is for anyone who sometimes feels overloaded with stress or worry, or anyone who wants to learn additional ways to identify and manage stress.
My New Weigh 12:00 pm
My New Weigh
Dec 7 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
PACE 5:30 pm
Dec 11 @ 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
My New Weigh 12:00 pm
My New Weigh
Dec 14 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
My New Weigh 12:00 pm
My New Weigh
Dec 21 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Christmas Eve Hours 7:00 am
Christmas Eve Hours
Dec 24 @ 7:00 am – 2:00 pm
Christmas Eve Hours
The Fitness Center will be open from 7 am to 2 pm on Christmas Eve.
Christmas Day Hours – CLOSED
Christmas Day Hours – CLOSED
Dec 25 all-day
Christmas Day Hours - CLOSED
THe Fitness Center is CLOSED all day.
Boxing Day Hours 7:00 am
Boxing Day Hours
Dec 26 @ 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
Boxing Day Hours
Why fight crowds? Come on in and work up a sweat!
Supercharged State of Slim with Dr. Holly 5:30 pm
My New Weigh 12:00 pm
My New Weigh
Dec 28 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
New Years Eve Hours 7:00 am
New Years Eve Hours
Dec 31 @ 7:00 am – 2:00 pm
New Years Eve Hours
Open 7 am to 2 pm

PLUS Group Exercise Classes!

Day of the WeekClass TimeFitness FocusClass NameClass LocationInstructorLength (minutes)Fee?Reservation Required?
Sunday8:30 AMMind/BodyBODYFLOW™S2Candice55NoNo
Sunday9:00 AMCardioPOUNDS3Sue55NoYes
Sunday10:00 AMMind/BodyAlignment YogaS2Becky W.55NoNo
Sunday10:00 AMAquaAqua FitnessPOOLRichard55NoNo
Sunday10:00 AMTotal BodyBarre ConditioningS3Nicole55NoYes
Sunday11:00 AMTotal BodyBODYPUMP™S3Devra/Nicole55NoYes
Monday5:30 AMTotal Body*FIT GroupFFFitness Staff55YesNo
Monday6:00 AMTotal BodyBODYPUMP™S3Hayden55NoYes
Monday6:30 AMCyclingTurn & BurnS1Fitness Staff30NoYes
Monday7:00 AMTotal BodyCore StrengthFFFitness Staff15NoNo
Monday11:30 AMCardioCardio HIITS3Rachel K. 30NoNo
Monday12:00 PMMind/BodyFlow YogaS2Blair55NoNo
Monday12:00 PMTotal BodyTotal StrengthS3Rachel K.30NoNo
Monday12:15 PMCyclingTurn & BurnS1Fitness Staff30NoYes
Monday12:30 PMCardioBODYCOMBAT™ ExpressS3Candice45NoNo
Monday12:45 PMTotal BodyCore StrengthFFFitness Staff15NoNo
Monday1:15 PMTotal Body*Parkinson’s ExercisePoolAlyssa55YesNo
Monday4:00 PMCardioTread & ShredFFFitness Staff30NoYes
Monday4:30 PMTotal Body*FIT GroupFFFitness Staff55YesNo
Monday4:30 PMTotal BodyBODYPUMP™S3Jason55NoYes
Monday5:30 PMAquaAqua IntervalPOOLKaren D.55NoNo
Monday5:30 PMCyclingCyclingS1Rachael55NoYes
Monday5:30 PMMind/BodyPower Flow YogaS2Elise55NoNo
Monday5:30 PMCardioStepS3Candice55NoNo
Monday6:30 PMTotal BodyBarre ConditioningS3Maggie55NoYes
Monday6:30 PMMind/BodySunset YogaS2Cori55NoNo
Tuesday5:30 AMCardioBODYCOMBAT™S3Jason55NoNo
Tuesday6:30 AMCardioCardio HIITS2Fitness Staff30NoNo
Tuesday7:00 AMTotal BodyCore StrengthS2Fitness Staff15NoNo
Tuesday10:00 AMAquaGentle AquaPOOLAlyssa55NoNo
Tuesday10:30 AMMind/BodyPower Flow YogaS2Daniel55NoNo
Tuesday11:30 AMMind/BodyMat PilatesS2Karen B.55NoNo
Tuesday12:00 PMTotal BodyBODYPUMP™S3Cady55NoYes
Tuesday12:15 PMCardioTread & ShredFFFitness Staff30NoYes
Tuesday12:45 PMTotal BodyCore StrengthFFFitness Staff15NoNo
Tuesday4:00 PMCardioCardio HIITS3Fitness Staff30NoNo
Tuesday4:30 PMTotal Body*FIT GroupFFFitness Staff55YesNo
Tuesday4:30 PMCyclingCyclingS1Austin55NoYes
Tuesday4:30 PMMind/BodyMat PilatesS3Karen P.55NoNo
Tuesday4:30 PMCardioYin/Yang YogaS2Lisa55NoNo
Tuesday5:30 PMTotal Body*FIT GroupFFFitness Staff55YesNo
Tuesday5:30 PMAquaH2O CircuitPOOLAbby55NoNo
Tuesday5:30 PMMind/BodyHatha YogaS2Wallace55NoNo
Tuesday5:30 PMCardioZumbaS3Jenna55NoNo
Tuesday6:30 PMTotal Body*FIT GroupFFFitness Staff55YesNo
Tuesday6:30 PMTotal BodyBODYPUMP™ ExpressS3MaryLauren30NoYes
Tuesday7:00 PMCardioCardio HIITS3Austin30NoNo
Wednesday5:30 AMTotal Body*FIT GroupFFFitness Staff55YesNo
Wednesday6:00 AMTotal BodyBarre ConditioningS3Kat55NoYes
Wednesday6:00 AMMind/BodySunrise YogaS2Becky W.55NoNo
Wednesday7:00 AMTotal Body*FIT GroupFFFitness Staff55YesNo
Wednesday10:30 AMMind/BodyYoga FoundationsS2Daniel55NoNo
Wednesday11:30 AMTotal BodyCross-Training RevoS3Sarah55NoNo
Wednesday12:00 PMMind/BodyFlow YogaS2Daniel55NoNo
Wednesday12:15 PMCyclingTurn & BurnS1Fitness Staff30NoYes
Wednesday12:45 PMTotal BodyCore StrengthFFFitness Staff15NoNo
Wednesday1:15 PMTotal Body*Parkinson’s ExerciseS3Alyssa55YesNo
Wednesday4:00 PMCardioTread & ShredFFFitness Staff30NoYes
Wednesday4:30 PMTotal Body*FIT GroupFFFitness Staff55YesNo
Wednesday4:30 PMMind/BodyBODYFLOW™S2Candice55NoNo
Wednesday4:30 PMCardioStepS3Jason55NoNo
Wednesday5:30 PMAquaAqua IntervalPOOLCathy55NoNo
Wednesday5:30 PMTotal BodyBODYPUMP™S3Candice55NoYes
Wednesday5:30 PMCyclingCyclingS1Danielle55NoYes
Wednesday5:30 PMMind/BodyMat PilatesS2Emily55NoNo
Wednesday6:30 PMCardioBODYCOMBAT™S3Amanda55NoNo
Wednesday6:30 PMMind/BodySunset YogaS2Cori55NoNo
Thursday5:30 AMTotal Body*FIT GroupFFFitness Staff55YesNo
Thursday5:30 AMTotal BodyTotal StrengthS3Becky M.55NoNo
Thursday6:30 AMCyclingTurn & BurnS1Fitness Staff30NoYes
Thursday10:00 AMAquaGentle AquaPOOLAlyssa55NoNo
Thursday11:30 AMMind/BodyYoga Foundations ExpressS2Karen P.30NoNo
Thursday12:00 PMTotal BodyBODYPUMP™S3Rachel55NoYes
Thursday12:00 PMMind/BodyMat PilatesS2Karen P.45NoNo
Thursday12:15 PMCardioTread & ShredFFFitness Staff30NoYes
Thursday12:45 PMTotal BodyCore StrengthFFFitness Staff15NoNo
Thursday4:00 PMCardioCardio HIITS3Fitness Staff30NoNo
Thursday4:00 PMCardioTread & ShredFFFitness Staff30NoYes
Thursday4:30 PMTotal Body*FIT GroupFFFitness Staff55YesNo
Thursday4:30 PMTotal BodyBarre ConditioningS3Rachael55NoYes
Thursday4:30 PMMind/BodyFlow YogaS2Daniel55NoNo
Thursday4:30 PMAquaGentle AquaPOOLAbby55NoNo
Thursday5:30 PMTotal Body*FIT GroupFFFitness Staff55YesNo
Thursday5:30 PMTotal BodyStrength EnduranceS3Kat55NoNo
Thursday6:00 PMCyclingCyclingS1Devra30NoYes
Thursday6:30 PMCyclingCyclingS1Devra30NoYes
Thursday6:30 PMCardioHip HopS3Logan55NoNo
Thursday7:30 PMTotal BodyBODYPUMP™S3Logan55NoYes
Friday6:00 AMCardioTabataS3Becky M.30NoNo
Friday6:30 AMTotal BodyTotal StrengthS3Becky M.30NoNo
Friday7:00 AMMind/BodySunrise YogaS2Blair55NoNo
Friday11:30 AMTotal BodyBarre ConditioningS3Kate55NoYes
Friday12:00 PMCardioCardio HIITS2Sarah30NoNo
Friday12:00 PMCyclingCyclingS1Lauren55NoYes
Friday12:30 PMTotal BodyCore StrengthS2Sarah15NoNo
Friday1:15 PMTotal Body*Parkinson’s ExerciseS3Alyssa55YesNo
Friday4:30 PMCardioZumbaS3Cliff55NoNo
Friday5:30 PMTotal BodyBODYPUMP™S3MaryLauren55NoYes
Saturday8:00 AMTotal BodyBarre ConditioningS3Kate55NoYes
Saturday9:00 AMCardioBODYCOMBAT™S3Candice55NoNo
Saturday9:00 AMCyclingCyclingS1Rachael/Lauren55NoYes
Saturday9:00 AMAquaH20 CircuitPOOLAbby55NoNo
Saturday9:00 AMMind/BodySlow Flow YogaS2Daniel75NoNo
Saturday10:00 AMTotal BodyBODYPUMP™S3Candice55NoYes

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We want to know more about the Wellness content you want to see in the new year. Please complete the survey below, and feel free to share any additional comments, such as your health goals, wellness concerns, etc. that may help us provide more information that is useful to you! The survey should take less than 3 minutes.
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