Congratulations to our WINNERS!

Congratulations Winners!

Being a member of the CU Anschutz Health and Wellness Center pays off in so many ways! Just ask our 3 winners of the 5 year birthday drawing! They all increased their odds of winning by checking in to the center to work out multiple times during the month.

Bryan McNair

1 year free

John Pierce

3 months free

We also got a great message and update back from Nicole Green, our 6 month winner. We love to hear about how important the center is to all our members.

Nicole Green

6 months free

I moved to Denver from New York City 6 months ago to do medical research on the Anschutz campus, and joining the gym was the first thing I did. Literally, the end of my 30hr drive was the Anschutz gym parking lot so I could start my membership and stretch my legs.

I have absolutely loved being a member since then. I usually stick to the cardio machines and spinning classes, but I’m starting to branch out to weights in preparation for 14er season. Climbing a 14er is on the top of my summer bucket list, so the free membership will be a great addition to my training!

If you have an update about the center you want to share with us, please contact us directly! If you’re not a member, click below to get more info!

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