Concrete Data

kevin_spada“One of the many things this program does very well is provide you with concrete data to show you precisely, in black and white, where you are at both from a physical and overall wellness standpoint, when you begin your transformation. Those tests are once again repeated a year later to show you how you have progressed on your journey.

For me, I could see a physical difference just looking in the mirror over the course of the year, but even when other people told me, I’m not sure if I really believed how significant the changes were until I saw the numbers on the Wellness Report. Over the course of just one year, my body composition completely changed; I went from being considered significantly obese with a body fat of 44.4% to being considered healthy with a body fat of 17.3%. My cardiovascular health went from poor to good with my resting heart rate going from 87bpm to 57bpm. My blood pressure went from begin borderline high to the lower end of the normal scale. My Non-HDL (Bad) Cholesterol levels went from 199 (considered high) to 112 (well within the desirable range).*

All of these statistical changes are great, but what is even better is that I no longer living on the sidelines; I actually just recently ran my first half-marathon, and I actually enjoyed it. All I can say is what a difference a year can make!”

Kevin Spada
Destination Boot Camp participant


*Individual results may vary.