Why I Coach State of Slim and What I’ve Learned

By Karen Percival

I have been coaching State of Slim for three-and-a-half years, and I’ve had the opportunity to observe the transformation of over 500 people. 

Watching people transform their lives is what keeps me inspired as a coach, and it is incredible to see the positive changes people make inside and out. 

I have been a part of some astounding success stories where I’ve watched people take control of lifelong struggles and turn them into triumphs! 

Everyone’s journey is different, but one trend remains the same, no one ever finishes State of Slim the same as when they started. Each person always leaves as a better version of themselves.

State of Slim teaches participants how to change their behaviors, which is the key ingredient in long-lasting results. Knowing that you can change for the better is a powerful thought. 

A weight-loss journey doesn’t have to be a stressful struggle to the finish line, but an adventure of personal growth, motivation, and appreciation. 

One of the things I love witnessing is watching breakthroughs happen each and every week. Participants change “I can’t” into “I can,” their feelings of “Why bother” turn to “Why not,” and their actions transform from a place of “When will this be over” into “I hope this never ends.” 

One of the ultimate takeaways is the support system, and there’s no other feeling like having a group of people that believe in you. 

Throughout the program, they share their stories, face battles of emotional eating, shed light into behaviors stemming from their childhood, comfort, cry, laugh, uplift, and challenge each other. The entire experience creates an unshakeable bond that continues after the program ends. 

State of Slim is more than just losing weight at the moment, it’s a program that prepares you for the rest of your life. Are you ready to enjoy the journey?