Celebrating MOVEmber

Ready to get your move on? It’s MOVEmber and that means there’s no better time than now to get up and get moving.

MOVEmber movement originally focused on the mustache as a way to raise awareness of men’s health issues and prevention, it’s become something much larger—an opportunity to focus on overall health improvement through movement, for both men and women. CU Anschutz Health and Wellness Center and is making it easy for you to get moving with some super easy tips and tricks.

Movement: A Pillar Strength
Movement is one of our Four Pillars because it’s essential for improving performance. Movement includes both structured (exercise specifically geared toward a purpose) and incidental (small movements that occur as part of daily routines). Both are essential for health, weight management, performance, and vitality.

Regardless of work, life, and travel demands, a systematic approach to training prepares you to move well and improve the quality of your movement over time, so you experience better results and less pain.

The Power of Structured Movement
The following series of photos has been designed to provide you with flexible options for structured exercise. In photo 1, you’ll note letter combinations that correlate to the exercise represented on the photos that follow (e.g., P for Pillar Prep on Photo 2, M for Movement Prep on Photo 3, etc.). Combining the exercises on the respective slides will help you achieve your desired goal (such as relieving soreness).



Incidental Movements Matter, Too

Movement that occurs as part of our everyday routines are impactful; much more than many people realize. Take, for instance, housekeeping. Did you know that cleaning your home or garage for 15 minutes is equivalent to walking 1,365 steps? If you clean for just two hours in any one day, that’s like walking the 10,000 daily steps challenge!

If we’ve just lit a fire under you to get your house really clean today, here are even more examples of incidental movements that can add up in big ways this Movember:


Activity # of Steps in 1 minute # of Steps in 15 minutes
Bicycling 242 3,630
Gardening, general 121 1,815
Hanging laundry on clothesline 72 1,080
Lawn mowing (push mower) 242 3,630
Community clean-up 145 2,175
Trimming trees and bushes manually 116 1,740
Walking, slow 68 1,020
Walking, moderate 122 1,830
Walking, fast 197 2,955
Washing the car manually 87 1,305
Washing laundry manually 72 1,080
Washing windows manually 87 1,305


The True Meaning

It’s imperative to have a solid blend of healthy movement in our lives—to include the structured, incidental, and the kind that exercises our emotional, intellectual, and spiritual capacities—in order to have balance and help combat these mental and physical issues.

So, this Movember, we challenge you to not only grow the ‘stache or support a guy who is, but commit to healthy movement. Then, share your progress on Facebook and Instagram using #AHWCMovember.




In partnership with EXOS, a world leader in human performance and the management company for CU Anschutz Health and Wellness Center.

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