Weight Loss

From food and healthy recipes to fitness exercises and research studies, the AHWC blog offers expert health and wellness advice.

Wellness Victories: The Right Support System

“I had no idea how much power comes with the right support system.” – Rebecca Buss When Rebecca Buss first joined the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center, she had “hit rock bottom.” Now, she celebrates everyday accomplishments, in addition to a total of 50 pounds lost.* For Rebecca, the entire team at the Anschutz Health…

Woman loses 6 stone after documenting weight loss on Instagram

“People don’t realize how many calories they are obtaining from caloric beverages and snacks, and these can be easy interventions … that can help reduce calories,” Victoria Catenacci, MD, assistant professor of Medicine at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center told WebMD. Her advice is important to keep in mind when discussing food journals,…

How saying “Yes” changed my life

It’s one thing to say we are going to do something.  Another to follow our words with actions.   When Robin decided to take control of her health, she never imagined all she would gain aside from the scale going down.  Read why saying “yes” changed Robin’s life and how it could change yours too. How did you…

NPR: Holding Off the Holiday Heft

National Public Radio highlights the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center’s Maintain Not Gain holiday weight program Can you relate to this? It’s the holiday season, and the parties, the rich meals, the sweet treats can seem bottomless. “Well, it is a little bit of challenge, because I do like food,” says Margo Waite, an administrative assistant…

What’s your #fitinspiration?

For the month of October, the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center is gathering and sharing fitness and wellness inspiration! Our first quote was sent in by our fitness intern Nicole:   What is YOUR inspirational thought or way to motivate yourself to keep going? Join us on Twitter and Facebook and tag us at @AnschutzWell with…

Emelie’s Wellness Victory

At the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center, we meet many different people each day with many different journeys ahead of them. Today we would love to share with you Emelie’s story of how she continues to press forward in the face of adversity, and her own reasons for success. What was your personal “why” for…

Extreme Weight Loss Season 5 – Jackie – Do not miss this one!!

Dr. Holly  has posted a video blog today to encourage *everyone* to tune in to Extreme Weight Loss tonight for a very special, emotional and challenging episode. Tonight’s special participant is Jackie, from Denver. This episode is guaranteed to be inspirational to everyone. Watch Dr. Holly’s video below, and tune in to watch Extreme Weight Loss…

Extreme Weight Loss: Jackie, Highlands Ranch, CO

Extreme Weight Loss: Jackie, Highlands Ranch, CO Jackie’s happy and healthy life was shattered when a phone call changed her life The care-giver at day care had shaken her toddler son causing long-term brain damage Between feeling guilty and the emotional trial that put the nanny behind bars, Jackie quickly put on 100 pounds The…

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