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Emelie’s Wellness Victory

At the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center, we meet many different people each day with many different journeys ahead of them. Today we would love to share with you Emelie’s story of how she continues to press forward in the face of adversity, and her own reasons for success. What was your personal “why” for…

Extreme Weight Loss: Hannah, Austin, TX

Extreme Weight Loss: Hannah, Austin, TX Weighs 310 pounds Successful career woman and wife Destructive eating habits began when she was a child Wants to start a family but doctors have warned that her excessive weight would make pregnancy dangerous The issue has caused friction with her husband Determined to save her marriage and complete…

Extreme Weight Loss: Kim, Honolulu, HI

Extreme Weight Loss: Kim, Honolulu, HI 5’1”, 279 pounds Fashion designer, owner of a beauty company Overeating began in childhood Resents her father who bullied her Feels her weight makes it hard to be taken seriously in her industry Behind-the-scenes seamstress yearns for the confidence to be the woman ON the runway Kim’s transformation includes…

Extreme Weight Loss Season 5 – Jackie – Do not miss this one!!

Dr. Holly  has posted a video blog today to encourage *everyone* to tune in to Extreme Weight Loss tonight for a very special, emotional and challenging episode. Tonight’s special participant is Jackie, from Denver. This episode is guaranteed to be inspirational to everyone. Watch Dr. Holly’s video below, and tune in to watch Extreme Weight Loss…

Extreme Weight Loss: Jackie, Highlands Ranch, CO

Extreme Weight Loss: Jackie, Highlands Ranch, CO Jackie’s happy and healthy life was shattered when a phone call changed her life The care-giver at day care had shaken her toddler son causing long-term brain damage Between feeling guilty and the emotional trial that put the nanny behind bars, Jackie quickly put on 100 pounds The…

The Role of Mindset at Extreme Weight Loss in Denver

Extreme Weight Loss is more than just a physical transformation. It requires a mental transformation as well. Throughout the Extreme Weight Loss: Destination Boot Camp series, Dr. Holly Wyatt stresses the importance of mindset in any successful transformation. In a recent episode she reminds us all that our minds are stronger than we think, “you…

Extreme Weight Loss Season 5: Mitzi, Dallas, Texas

Extreme Weight Loss: Mitzi, Dallas, TX Works in non-profit Takes care of everyone but herself Battling two addictions: over-eating and hoarding After her mother’s death and betrayal by the love of her life, Mitzi shut herself in her house, only coming out for work and fast food. With the help of the CU Anschutz Health…

Extreme Weight Loss: Successful transformation requires digging deep to discover your personal “why”

Contact: Marcia Neville, Media Relations University of Colorado Anschutz Health and Wellness Center (303) 656-8362, marcia.neville@ucdenver.edu “Extreme Weight Loss” video blog from the CU Anschutz Health and Wellness Center: Successful transformation requires digging deep to discover your personal “why” AURORA, Colo. (Aug. 12, 2015) – On the latest edition of “Extreme Weight Loss”, John was…

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