The CU Anschutz Health and Wellness Center has an entire team devoted to MOVEMENT, MIDSET, NUTRITION, and RECOVERY in our fitness center! With great content including weekly workouts, pillar prep, workout playlists, and more, our experts make it easy for you to find your fit!

Functional Movement Corrections

During a Functional Movement Screen a trainer will have you do seven fundamental movement patterns and will use the results to evaluate your quality of movement. That sounds great, but what exactly does that mean? Let’s break it down to how this screen can help you personally. Squat CorrectionLunge CorrectionShoulder CorrectionSquat Correction Do you want…

A New Face

The next time you’re at the CU Anschutz Health and Wellness Center, keep your eyes peeled for a new face! We recently brought on a new General Manager for the Fitness Center, Mr Robert Shoulders. Bob has over 30 years of experience in the fitness and health club industry including 15 years owning and managing…

Get Inside to Get Outside

Summer arrived this week with the heat on high!! When the temperature tops out at 100 as it can do here in Colorado, it's tempting to hide out in a dark and cool movie theater, or on a shaded patio at happy hour, and forget about getting out and being active! Don't let the heat…

3 easy ways women can improve health with purposeful rest

  If you work out much at all, you’ve heard about rest days and likely ignored or abused them. Rest days are those with a light workout, some relaxation techniques, or maybe some active recovery movements meant to improve form or range of motion. Here are a few activities you can work into your daily…

3 Reasons Sports Massage is for EVERYONE, Not Just Athletes

March is all about moving smarter, not harder, and one of the best ways to move smarter is to take care of your body with regular massage treatments. Think you’re too busy? Try sports massage! Despite its “athletic” sounding name, you don’t have to be Tom Brady to enjoy the benefits of sports massage—not even…

Wellness Pathway to Success

It’s March. You’ve been working on your resolutions for two months now, right? You’ve got this, right? If you are like many of us (even people in the fitness world), you’ve probably gotten overwhelmed and fallen off the path a bit. It happens. and that’s ok. You already know what it takes to get healthy.…

Why You Should POUND: A Conversation with Our POUND Pros!

Our group fitness manager, Candice, recently sat down with our Pound pros, Sue and Leanna to discuss why POUND is so popular and why everyone should make it part of their weekly workout routine. Here’s what they had to say: How did you first discover POUND? Sue: A friend sent me a link to POUND-…

How Much?

Sure, we all know that doing some cardio will help us burn calories, but just how much? Rather than do any fancy calculations, we are rolling out a new feature at the center very soon, and here is your opportunity to get a first peek! The images below are our new Cardio Count Cards, and…

Stop Making BIG resolutions. Start Making SMALL Habit Changes.

Why do we so often hear that big resolutions don’t stick? It’s largely because we focus on the end result (the goal) rather than the means to the end (the routine). In addition, there could be the disbelief that small changes are effective. When I have conversations about weight loss with patients of mine, I…

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