From food and healthy recipes to fitness exercises and research studies, the AHWC blog offers expert health and wellness advice.

Kettlebells with Adam

Each week, one of our trainers will give you a new workout. This helps ensure you vary your routine, try new things and steer clear of those plateaus! Safety first! These exercises are intended for healthy adults capable of safely performing the exercises demonstrated herein. Not all exercises may be appropriate for your current level…

Planning before dieting can keep the weight off for the long run

There’s good news in recent research on several big-name diet plans: Popular plans like Atkins, the Zone and Weight Watchers do lead to measurable, if modest, weight loss. Head-to-head, people lost an average of 4-10 pounds in one year according to dozens of weight-loss trials compared in the journal “Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality & Outcomes” in November.…

How to avoid holiday weight gain

Dr. Holly Wyatt, associate director of the University of Colorado Anschutz Health and Wellness Center explains how. The holidays do not have to be a time of weight gain and reverting back to an old unhealthy lifestyle. You can stay happy, fit and on track with your goals and even your eating during the holiday…

Avoiding holiday party food temptations

  Holiday party food gets a healthy recipe rehab from the CU Anschutz Health and Wellness Center Tips and recipes help party-goers avoid the temptations of the festive season AURORA, Colo. (Dec. 2014) The University of Colorado Anschutz Health and Wellness Center at the Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, Colo. is home to the brand…

Run slower, get faster

After chasing a sub-three-hour marathon for 23 years, Joe Rzepiejewski feared he’d seen his last personal record. He was in his mid-forties, his race times were inching up, and the more he pushed, the more spent he felt. He turned to running coach Matt Fitzgerald, author of the new book 80/20 RunningOpens a New Window., and heard…

Weight-loss boot camp showcases Aurora’s emphasis on wellness tourism

The freezing rain is turning to graupel as a panting Janet Bartlett slowly crawls on all fours across the sodden field. She is surrounded by cheering friends. “Go Janet! Go Janet!” hollered Bruce Pitcher, bear-crawling beside her. “No excuses!” It doesn’t look like a holiday, but Bartlett, of Conroe, Texas, is on a life-changing vacation.…

Spices improve health In McCormick Study, but not all benefits are biased

Spices and herbs create a domino effect of healthy eating, according to research presented during the McCormick Science Institute Science Summit earlier this year. You know… McCormick, the company thatmanufactures spices and herbs. Totally not suspect at all. Dr. Johanna Dwyer, a professor of medicine and community health at Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, said in…

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