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Resolve to be Resilient 2014: Emotional resiliency; bend, don’t break

For Denise McGuire, “getting in the zone” is about strengthening the connection between the mind and the body. “When you listen to athletes being interviewed, they say, ‘I don’t know how I got there,’ McGuire says. “They will describe things like the fact that the strike zone was larger than normal, or time stood still.”…

The Great Fitness Reboot

In endurance sports, there are two distinct forms of suffering: There is pain, and there is humiliation. These things can be discrete, but they are not necessarily mutually exclusive—and, at the moment, I am experiencing both pain and humiliation in the name of research and personal betterment. It’s a cool spring day in Denver, and…

Colorado Diet participants find they can achieve “State of Slim”

AURORA — The week before Thanksgiving, the participants in the Colorado Diet program learned that over the past 12 weeks, they collectively lost more than 207 pounds, roughly the equivalent of athleteUsain Bolt. That’s 17.3 pounds per person, or nearly 9 percent of their collective beginning body weight. It was the first time many of…

Vail Vitality Center partners with Anschutz Health Center

VAIL — Until very recently, targeting individual fitness training zones using personal heart rate was an exercise in guesswork. Most athletes — amateur and professional — have used the pulse-based calculation, or consulted a trainer, coach or fitness expert to determine their target zone, or they’ve simply done what “feels good.” Unfortunately, for many, this…

‘State of Slim’ holds up Colorado lifestyle for optimal health

That’s the premise behind a new book, “State of Slim,” released a few weeks ago, by James Hill, University of Colorado’s founding executive director of the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center, and Holly Wyatt, the associate director of the center. Wyatt directs the center’s Colorado Diet program, the foundation on which the book is based.…

What do Coloradans know about fitness that you don’t?

KNOWN AS THE SLIMMEST state since 2010, gorgeous Colorado boasts the lowest rate of obesity in all of America. According to the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, Colorado residents were the least likely in the nation to be obese in 2012. And Colorado is the only state where less than 20 percent of adults are obese. But what makes…

State of Slim

Dr. James Hill and Dr. Holly Wyatt tell us about their book State of Slim and their Colorado Diet.   Read More

State of Slim

STATE OF SLIM Fix Your Metabolism And Drop 20 Pounds In 8 Weeks On the Colorado Diet By James O. Hill, PhD, and Holly Wyatt, MD Publisher: Rodale Books Publication date: August 2013 Price: $26.99 / hardcover ISBN: 978-60961-41-1 Contact: Lori Ames 631-539-4558 or Emily Weber 212-808-1621 We’re tired of seeing people have…

New diet book: Fix your metabolism for weight control

For years, obesity researchers James Hill and Holly Wyatt have been studying why so many people struggle with losing weight and keeping it off, and the two have concluded that a big part of the problem has to do with lack of physical activity and its impact on metabolism. “Not everyone agrees with me, but…

What’s your metabolism personality type?

Do you have trouble losing weight? Are you constantly struggling to drop 10 to 20 pounds? Maybe it’s not you but your metabolism. Part of the problem for many people is they have a “broken metabolism,” because they may not have been physically active enough for years, says James Hill, founding executive director of the…

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