Aston Kinetics Complimentary Evaluations

Complimentary Aston® Kinetics Postural Evaluations
Join us July 13, 4 – 7 p.m.

Take advantage of our complimentary 10-minute Aston Kinetics postural evaluations on Wednesday, July 13 and learn about how your standing posture may be helping or hurting you!

In this short, introductory evaluation, you will learn about your postural tendencies and how those tendencies may be impacting your overall comfort and general body usage (e.g, gait, sitting at a computer), as well as the performance of your favorite activities.

Aston Kinetics is a form of structural bodywork that combines postural, movement and muscle tension analysis with massage, movement coaching and ergonomics. This unique combination of massage with practical education about your postural and movement habits make it especially useful for addressing long-held tension and pain patterns and how those patterns play out in your everyday body usage. While most sessions combine massage with movement work, sessions can also be focused purely on ergonomics or movement applications specific to your activities.

Date: Wednesday, July 13
Time: 4 – 7 p.m.,  first come, first served
Location: Second floor assessment room; non-AHWC Fitness Center members: check in at the front desk in the main lobby
Who is this for: Anyone interested in learning about and improving their posture. Available to AHWC Fitness Center and non-members alike

Meet our expert:
Amanda Skidmore, MM, CPE, LMT, our Advanced Aston-Patterning Practitioner and Certified Professional Ergonomist, has over 15 years of experience. She has worked with a huge range of clients, from professional athletes and musicians, to surgeons, office workers, active seniors, and passionate amateur athletes.

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