After 10 Months and 150 Pounds*…

A Boot Camp Success Story: Dale

Looking back in my journal from the beginning, I didn’t have any expectations of losing 170 pounds in a single year. It never even crossed my mind as something possible to consider. But with just 20 pounds more to lose, I am on plan to reach my goal weight by the one-year anniversary of starting my journey.

What I find so incredibly exciting is that for years I have wished that I could participate in a weight loss TV show in order to drop my excess pounds. But in hindsight, I’m so glad I didn’t go on TV. I enrolled in Destination Boot Camp (DBC), which I think is so much better.

The reason I say this is because I got the best of both worlds. By committing to the DBC program, I got to spend this year with my family AND I got to follow a common-sense straightforward weight loss program. Destination Boot Camp follows the State of Slim diet and works beautifully. I’m able to shed extreme weight while eating and feeling better than ever. And I didn’t have to miss my family for a year.

My DBC community and classmates are gold to me. Their vision to help uncover a better me has been so very inspiring. I owe my success to them, as well as simply following the DBC program. If I can offer one piece of advice…don’t try and tweak or rewrite what Dr. Holly has invested years in developing. Eat their recommended foods, exercise in their timelines, keep a journal of your emotions and dreams and trust the process.

I have no secret to share for how I lost such extreme weight so quickly. There’s no magic here. The words are already written between the two covers of the State of Slim book. Read them. Understand them. Follow them. If you need more motivation, join a DBC session. And your excess weight will take care of itself.


*Individual results may vary.