Instructor Spotlight: Haydan S.

Haydan Smith

Meet Group Exercise Fitness Instructor, Haydan Smith, and find out why she chose the classes she teaches and what single item she can’t make it through a work out without!

What classes do you teach at the AHWC?

“I teach BODYPUMP and sometimes substitute teach BODYFLOW and CXWORX.”

What made you choose to teach BODYPUMP?

“BODYPUMP was the very first class I took at the AHWC. It was very hard and I couldn’t walk the next day but I loved going! The instructor at the time inspired me to go to training and now I teach that class I started out at as a participant.”

What is unique about your teaching style?

“I enjoy being awake early in the morning and think one of the best ways to start the day is at the gym! I also like to acknowledge my participants’ accomplishments either during or after class, whether it’s going up on wait or finally nailing a full range squat.”

What’s the one thing you HAVE to have in order to work out?

“Coffee! I need a little caffeine to turn on my personality.”

What motivates you?

“I was really out of shape growing up, so I like challenging myself to do things that I couldn’t do as a kid. BODYFLOW has made me much more flexible and BODYPUMP and CXWORX have vastly improved my strength. Shortly after moving to Colorado I ran my first half marathon after not being able to run a full mile almost a year prior! I’m always up for a new fitness challenge.”

Name some of your hobbies.

“Reading, hiking, yoga, indoor cycling. I also love breakfast food and can be found enjoying brunch most Sundays.”

Join Haydan every Monday morning at 6 am for her Les Mills BODYPUMP class. A full Group Ex schedule can be found HERE.

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