5 Ways to Improve Your Workout

Start foam rolling
Foam rolling helps stretch and relax contracted muscles which means your muscles can function how they were meant to in their full range of motion. When your muscles can move through the full range of motion, the efficiency of your workout increases and the likelihood of injury decreases.


Have a Plan
Going into your workout without a plan is like trying to grocery shop for ingredients without a list – You end up doing a lot of work, without accomplishing what you set out to do. Take 5 minutes before your workout to organize what you’ll be doing once you get to the gym!

Ditch the machines
Challenge your body to work harder by hopping off the machines and onto the fitness floor. Machines isolate muscles groups by stabilizing your body, while using free weights asks more muscles to do more work. This means those goals you are after, will be reached sooner.


Change it up
After doing the same routine for about 6-8 weeks, your body becomes so used to the exercises that it now can do the exact same workout using less energy = less calories = slowed/stopped progress. Change it up to ignite your routine!

Pack a positive attitude in your bag
Ever lack motivation to get that workout done or debate whether you should even come to the gym to begin with? Don’t forget how great you’ll feel when you’re done!! Having that mindset and packing a positive attitude with you, will ramp up your energy and lead to a successful workout.

Anschutz Health and Wellness Center