5 Benefits To Having A Workout Buddy

Looking for extra motivation or simply want to push yourself harder each workout?  Buddy up!  Working out with a partner will increase the fun factor and help you to reach your goals faster.  Here’s a snapshot of the top 5 benefits you’ll experience when adding another person to your workout routine.

Top 5 Reasons to bring a buddy to your next workout:

1. Goals become reality. Use your workout partner to create accountability.  Tell them everything.  Be specific about where you are starting and where you want to end up.  Set a time each week, aside from your workout, to check in with each other. You are more likely to follow through when you share your goals and make them public.

2. Working out becomes fun (as if it wasn’t already).  Throwing a workout partner into the mix can add instant variety.  Share exercises and ideas with each other and expand your own library of knowledge.

3. Someone is there to watch your form. Safety first.  Often times when you workout on your own, you don’t always catch the little things you are doing wrong that make a big difference in the end.  A separate set of eyes can help you improve on form and move you one step closer to your end goal.

4. Added support. It’s one thing bailing on your own workout, but it is much harder to say adios to the gym for the day if you are letting someone else down.  Social support is a powerful tool and can add to the consistency of workouts – especially on days your mind is trying to talk you out of a workout session.

5. You’ll push yourself more. Most of us have at least a tiny bit of competitive nature in us – and healthy competition can be a good thing in this case.  Choose a workout partner that challenges you.  This will keep you motivated to push yourself and continually improve.

What should you look for in a workout partner?

A good attitude Find someone who is positive, driven, and dependable.  You want them to build you up, not drag you down.

A fitness role model Like we mentioned, finding someone that challenges you will inspire you to push yourself. Put down your ego for a second and realize it’s okay not to be the best.  Remember, being challenged will keep you focused on improving and reaching for your goals.

Share similar goals Choose someone that is headed in the same direction as you.  If one of you is looking to lose body fat and the other is looking to become a cycling guru, both of you may have trouble obtaining your goals as you work together to create a program.

Have compatible motivational styles If one of you loves an intense, loud, yelling and screaming kind of workout and the other becomes intimidated by that type of atmosphere, you may find yourself shying away from your workouts for this reason.  Look for someone that has a similar style of motivation.

Schedules that line up  Finding someone that has the same availability as you is key. Schedule your workouts so they fit into the day without added stress.

Need a Workout Buddy? Join our Speed-Friending Event!

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