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Mind-Body Therapies

Mind-Body Therapies

Unlock the Power of Your Mind

Countless research studies have shown that the mind is the most important ingredient in attaining health and well-being. Our model harnesses the power of the mind to establish effective behavior change.

The Key to Behavior Change

The Key to Behavior Change

Our evidence-based approach connects your everyday activities to your motivation to achieve your life’s goals. As simple as that sounds, it’s not. It takes hard work, perseverance and a winning mindset, all of which we can teach you.

Open Your Mind to New Abilities

Open Your Mind to New Abilities

  • Gain a greater sense of overall health by working with one of our licensed clinical psychologists
  • Build emotional resiliency for adapting to change and developing healthy coping mechanisms for those bumps in the road
  • Strengthen your mental muscle
  • Develop mind-over-body skills through Biofeedback, which can help control heart rate, muscle tension and skin temperature through subtle changes

Meet One of Our Experts

Our model for behavior change, which was developed and tested by our top researchers, has become the cornerstone of many of our programs. You can tap into this knowledge and expertise by visiting with one of our clinical psychologists.

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