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State of Slim Book

State of Slim Book

The Right State for Your Body

Learn diet and exercise strategies that will help you lose up to 20 pounds in just eight weeks!

Leading weight-loss researchers James O. Hill, PhD and Holly Wyatt, MD reveal how slender Coloradans get and stay that way. And they show you how to achieve the same results no matter where you live–Atlanta, California, Texas, Canada…anywhere!

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A Revolutionary Approach Play

A Revolutionary Approach

  • Buy the State of Slim book and follow the three phases of this transformational 16-week program to help you reignite, rebuild and reinforce your metabolism. And shift your mindset to not only lose the weight but keep it off for good.
  • If you need to lose between 10 and 70 pounds or at least 10% of your total body weight, this is the right weight loss program for you! Visit stateofslim.com for more information and to buy the book.

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It takes teamwork to be successful in weight loss. Join our nationwide State of Slim community to get the support you need.

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