State of Slim Programs

State of Slim Programs

Live in a State of Slim

The revolutionary State of Slim program is a three-phase, 16-week plan that’ll reignite, rebuild and reinforce metabolism, a.k.a. the body’s fat-burning engine. The State of Slim creates a mile-high metabolism allowing participants to drop up to 20 pounds in just eight weeks.

Designed by Drs. James Hill and Holly Wyatt, this program helps participants lose weight while discovering your real “why.” It actually transforms both the body and mindset so that you’re primed to stay in a state of slim for good.

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This program is right if participants are: Play

This program is right if participants are:

  • Ready to make significant long-term lifestyle changes
  • Willing and able to increase participant’s activity level and alter eating habits
  • Willing to work on changing mindset
  • Open to changing physical and social environment
Group Classes or Individual Sessions

Group Classes or Individual Sessions

The program is available in small group classes or one-on-one sessions with a registered dietitian or a physician. You can also select optional fitness packages designed specifically to enhance and maximize the results of the program, ranging from personal training to small-group and group training.

Small group classes are starting soon.

To get on the State of Slim Waitlist for our next class, call our concierge at 303-724-WELL (9355), and dial 1, or see below for our SUPERCHARGED State of Slim class.

For a more private and personalized experience, sign up for an individual program.

Group Classes Individual Appointments

SUPERCHARGED State of Slim with Dr. Holly Wyatt

SUPERCHARGED State of Slim with Dr. Holly Wyatt

Are you ready to take charge of your year?
Are you ready to put in the work needed?
Are you ready to work with Dr. Holly directly in the most on-point, up-to-date, and focused State of Slim class ever?

This version of the class is coached directly, in person, by Dr. Holly Wyatt. Dr. Holly’s energy and knowledge will SUPERCHARGE this class and help you to power through and make 2016 YOUR YEAR. There are limited seats available for this special class, so SIGN UP NOW! THIS CLASS IS SOLD OUT!

Want to get on the wait list? Call our concierge at 303-724-WELL (9355), and dial 1!

When: Tuesdays, 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM; 2/16/2016 to 6/7/2016
What: 16 week State of Slim weight loss program coached by Dr. Holly Wyatt
Where: University of Colorado Anschutz Health and Wellness Center, Aurora, Colorado

Put Employees in a State of Slim

This revolutionary program is now available for any employees. In the Denver area, one of our experts can lead any team’s transformation. Or if the team is not in the Denver area, ask about our new licensing program for companies anywhere!

For Your Team

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