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Sports Performance

Sports Performance

Learn Your Limits. Then Exceed Them.

Our science-based sports performance training programs developed for elite athletes are now available to everyone. Proven by research and field-tested for success, our Human Performance Lab creates personalized training programs that push your sports performance limits.

Getting the most out of athletic performance means understanding the factors that affect results. Our integrated approach gives you a clear understanding of your athletic potential through personalized fitness assessments. Beyond eating right and training hard, we evaluate your unique physiology and genetics, metabolic characteristics and nutrition. Everyone who has a fitness related goal in an athlete. Be the best athlete you can be!

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  • Weight Loss Assessment
  • Wellness Metabolism Assessment
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  • Race Nutrition Testing
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Our Tests Reveal Your Athletic Potential

Our Tests Reveal Your Athletic Potential

  • Lactate Threshold and VO2 Max—Discover your optimal training intensities and see how well your body utilizes oxygen for performance.
  • VO2 Peak and Fuel Metabolism—Understand the moment your body burns the most fat and when your muscle fuel favors carbohydrates to create your customized training plan to prevent overtraining and enhance your performance.

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