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From food and healthy recipes to fitness exercises and research studies, the AHWC blog offers expert health and wellness advice.

Let the Wellness Pathway Guide Your Results

Your success is personal and we get that. Our unique approach is designed to unlock your success. Everyone who walks through our door has the opportunity to meet with our wellness team and get the Roadmap to Wellness.   HOW WE DO IT TOGETHER Our four pillars of health are Movement, Mindset, Nutrition and Recovery.…

The People YOU Want To Meet

Ahhh….massage! You’ve seen the ads for spas offering candlelit rooms and glasses of wine after your treatment. It’s a luxury that not everyone wants or needs. Forget about those! Massage isn’t just for relaxation and pampering in a spa setting. Healing touch is a crucial element for recovery from pain, over-exertion, and other elements of…

The Number One Activity You’re Missing in Your Workout Routine

For people living in Colorado, summer means fun in the sun and outdoor activities like running, hiking, or biking.  Though these activities get you moving, you may have overlooked something that will keep you moving and able to enjoy the summer in the long term. You may want to go go go, but recovery is…

2 Minute Movements

2 Minute Movements for Health! Fix everything from your cholesterol to your mood with these easy movements! Just 2 minutes to better health. Click through the slideshow for all the tips!

Deep tissue massage is for everyone!

You know the feeling... After only a couple days into your work week, you wake up with muscle tension, soreness, and pain from stress.  Or maybe you have areas of your body that cause chronic pain, and you suffer every day. We've got a tool in our pocket to help you with this. Have you…

Gone to the Dogs

When working out in our fitness center, we bet you appreciate the thick cushy black mats we have laying around and hanging on the walls. These mats provide comfort for joints, and traction for your body during floor exercises. After a while, though, they tend to get worn out. Rather than throw these mats out,…

POUR on the Mindfulness

Do you find yourself mindlessly eating when you aren’t hungry, or overeating without recognizing fullness or satisfaction? Before you eat, try this helpful exercise from our own Dr. Liz Chamberlain, and POUR mindfulness into your meal! POUR is an acronym for Pause, Observe, Understand, Respond. Apply these steps below:   Pause Ask yourself: what is…

Stand Up Straighter, Be Stronger!

In a society where we spend hours on end sitting at a desk, looking at our phones, driving in our car, and slumped over on the couch, it is no surprise our back and shoulders ache, our necks are stiff, and we lack the energy to get through the week. Good posture is just as…

5 Minutes to Happiness

Before you read this, stop what you’re doing, stand up, and go for a short 5-minute walk. You’ll be glad you did, and after you read this article, you’ll understand why. So, you’re back. How was the walk? Invigorating, right? Well, that’s what researchers here at the CU Anschutz Health and Wellness Center found in…

Believe It or Not, Giving More Can Actually Reduce Holiday Stress

When we’re already feeling pressed for time and money at the holidays, it seems counterintuitive to think investing more of our resources can actually reduce stress. In fact, many studies support the idea that giving rather than receiving is the key to increasing positive emotions. A recent study published by S. Katherine Nelson and colleagues this year (2016)…

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